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Trauma Touch Therapy
Sound Healing



The therapist uses long, slow strokes in a light- to medium-pressure massage designed to help you relax, recharge, and replenish yourself. This is perfect if you’re looking for relief from anxiety, depression, fatigue, or sleep disorders. Lighter touch also can be therapeutic for muscle soreness.

Integrated Massage

The therapist uses a combination of techniques and pressures — relaxation techniques, deep-tissue strokes, and stretching — to help your body be at its best. This is the most effective massage for athletes or for anyone with specific complaints regarding tightness or soreness.

Deep Tissue

Some people just like deeper pressure. If this is you, ask for a deep tissue massage. The therapist sinks deeper into your muscles for more fascial manipulation, and uses long, slow strokes. This type of massage can be relaxing and therapeutic.


First discovered in Japan, the Reiki practitioner uses the energy around every living thing and channels it to the client. This quiet but powerful type of work can help alleviate pain, anxiety, and mood disorders. Combine Reiki with a customized aromatherapy and crystal healing experience for a relaxing, meditative oasis in the middle of life's chaos.

Sound Healing

Not only can sound be relaxing, it can be deeply therapeutic. Research with cats’ purring shows this! The practitioner uses tuning forks calibrated at vibrations intended to provide both emotional and physical healing. We do a verbal intake at the first session so the practitioner can understand what you seek in your healing journey, so expect to spend 60 minutes at the first session with shorter sessions thereafter.

Free Consultations

Not sure which service is right for you? Have questions about us and what we do? Book a free consultation with no obligation.


Robin, the owner/lead therapist of Flow, is ordained to perform weddings. Email info@flowholisticwellness.com for more details.

Trauma Touch Therapy

For people who have experienced trauma, it is essential to heal your brain’s disconnection to the body. Trauma Touch Therapy is a method of body-oriented therapy that aims to promote this connection and, in so doing, help both the brain and the body process trauma. Through 10 sessions, we learn how to recognize how sensations in our body are related to our thoughts and emotions, which creates space for this rewiring to happen. I require an initial free 30-minute consultation so we can see whether this therapy is right for you.


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