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Why do you need a cacao ceremony in your life?

It’s the question you didn’t know you had: What is a cacao ceremony?

Cacao is the plant from which chocolate is derived. However, cacao and chocolate are not exactly the same, and that’s what keeps the cacao ceremony from just being a fancy outing with hot chocolate.

Cacao is a superfood. Now, you might be familiar with chocolate, which contains fat and sugar that make it unhealthy for your body (and, when used occasionally, good for your soul). However, ceremonial-grade cacao contains antioxidants and natural mood elevators and no sugar of its own, giving it a bitter taste. That’s why I add a touch of honey to my cacao. I use local, raw honey to try to preserve the enzymes that naturally occur in the honey.

This blast of goodness, especially when you have it first thing in the morning, should leave you with a warm, pleasant feeling, and also should make you feel alert without the “jacked-up” feeling you might get after caffeine.

Now, the ceremony part.

We’ve discussed how this practice is good for your body, but what about your mind and your spirit?

One of the things many of us miss in our daily lives is ritual. Part of the appeal of church is the comfort of consistency, of a practice that looks essentially the same each time that helps us connect to something bigger. Think of this ritual as “personal church.” It’s nondenominational, friendly to all belief systems. All you need to bring into this ritual is a desire to reflect on yourself and your needs and to connect to whatever moves you that is within yourself or bigger than yourself.

As we look into our bodies to nourish ourselves and get our day off to a healthy start, so we can look into our souls and reflect and slow down. We can set intentions, we can sit with our thoughts, we can sit and clear our minds of thoughts to bring us into clarity with what our day might bring.

I will be leading cacao ceremonies on March 14 and 15 at Vision 2020, the retreat I’m co-leading up in beautiful Granby, CO. Get your tickets here. This is going to be a powerful and fun experience, full of wonderful tools you can take with you to keep your mind, body and spirit sustained throughout the year. Hope to see you there!

Be well, healthy and whole,


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