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Singing bowl meditation: How does it work?

If you’ve ever experienced the peace that washes over you during a singing bowl meditation, you know that it is singular and unique and tough to describe. A musician plays these bowls — made of either crystal or metal and tuned to different keys or specific notes so as to stimulate different chakras — while the participants sit or lie nearby and just listen. Sleep and relaxation will quickly descend upon you.

I can hear your thoughts as you read this. You’re like, “Great. But where’s the science?”

Well. I have an answer for you.

A study published in 2016 by the Journal of Evidence-Based and Complementary Medicine posits that, because the bowls are tuned at different notes (measured in hertz), the brain becomes entrained to the difference and that stimulates beta and theta waves of deep relaxation. (A link to the study is at the bottom.) This same study found an elevation in mood and a reduction of pain after the use of singing bowls, in addition to an elevation of relaxation and spiritual well-being.

I’ll be leading singing bowl meditations at the Vision 2020 this March in Granby. A link to get your tickets for this amazing wellness weekend is right here.

Be well, healthy, and whole! Robin

Link to study about singing bowls:

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