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Here's what makes your normal journal a spiritual one.

Did you keep a diary when you were young? I did. I told my diary things I couldn’t have told a living soul. I used it as a means to work out problems, talk about my thoughts when I was afraid I would be judged, write my way into places where I was forced to think about myself and my reactions to things, and pour my feelings onto paper so I could really feel them.

Does this sound familiar?

Somewhere along the way, life gets in the way and frequently intrudes on these diary practices of youth. We start to internalize the thought that perhaps we are too busy to do these daily writing exercises. Usually, this coincides with us beginning to lose connection with parts of ourselves, and with some of the world around us. When we stop using our words to process our thoughts and feelings, we begin to cut them off and “power through the day.”

Enter the concept of journaling. Or, keeping a diary. Really, it’s the same thing. You’re putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and using your language centers to process your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes, we feel glimmers of something bigger than us. We might feel these glimmers as a response to deep gratitude for someone or for a gift we have been given. We might feel them in the face of dramatic love — the birth of a child, or a wedding. We might feel them as we sit with a loved one who is dying. Or we might not be able to identify why we feel them.

It’s nice to be able to put these intimations, these small (or big) epiphanies, to paper. It’s good to be able to record them so we can remember them, and it’s good to be able to write through them so we can process and explore them. That’s spiritual journaling.

If you’d like to learn more, I’m teaching a spiritual journaling workshop in March at the Vision 2020 retreat in Granby, CO. To learn more and to reserve your spot, click here.

Be well, healthy, and whole.


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