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This one muscle is jacking up your low back

(I know I’ve posted this picture before. It never gets old.)

We’ve talked a bit before about the psoas major, which is the muscle that does the most to flex your hip — in other words, to move your thigh forward. Obviously, you use this muscle all day, every day. It’s a deep muscle that originates at your lumbar vertebrae and inserts (ends) at the inside of the femur. Because it’s a deep muscle, it can be a tough one to stretch. When it becomes tight, it causes low back pain and a cascade of muscle imbalances throughout the back.

The good news about the psoas is, it can be released through massage. It’s not a relaxing technique, but it’s efficient in combatting low back pain or deep abdominal pain that the client can’t attribute to anything else. Living pain-free is always our ultimate goal because, when you’re free from pain, you feel like you can do anything.

Want to know more about psoas release? I’d be happy to demonstrate or tell you more about it and whether it might be right for you. My 30-minute consultations are always free, and you can book them right here on the website.

Be well, healthy, and whole!


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