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One question I get frequently is, “What’s the difference between integrated massage and deep-tissue massage?”

The answer is: Not much. Or a lot, depending on what you want and what’s going on with your body.

Integrated massage means that I use multiple techniques to get the results you desire. If you come to me looking, say, for relief in your shoulders or your low back, I will probably use some deep-tissue massage techniques, but I might also use some techniques you’d normally see in sports massage or some neuromuscular techniques. I might even use some lighter techniques designed to promote circulation of your lymphatic fluid.

Most people care more about the results they get than the techniques I use. If you’ve been on my table, you know that I love using sports stretches (ask my clients about my favorite neck stretch!) as well as long, deep strokes. If you only want deep-tissue work, say, or a lighter touch designed to promote relaxation, please make sure I know this so you get the results you desire!

As always, you can call or text 720-432-8664, email, or book online at to set up your appointment or a free 30-minute consultation.

You can do anything! Robin

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