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You are special and precious. How do you honor yourself?

As I write this, I am preparing to be off for the longest time I’ve ever been off. We have a lot of travel planned for this summer, and I won’t lie: I am nervous. I am a little anxious. And I am also vibrate-out-of-my-body excited.

I love travel. I live for it. I like having a home base, but I also like spreading my wings and seeing the world.

When I check in with my body, I can tell that what I’m feeling is, mostly, unadulterated excitement. In other words: I am doing something that’s good for me. And that means I am practicing good self-care.

Self-care is, of course, part of what I hope to impart to all of my clients. Whether you see me for massage, Reiki, sound healing, or Trauma Touch Therapy, we will spend time talking about how you can serve yourself best. How can you make your body healthier? How can you make your mind healthier? How can you strengthen your heart and your spirit?

What nourishes you?

Is it travel? Is it water? Mountains? The outdoors? Time with friends? Time spent alone?

Truly, self-care is sacred. The only way you can be present with others is to be present with yourself.

Summer is a great time to center yourself and consider what nourishes you, because you are special and precious. I thank you for giving me space — most of July! — to nourish myself so I can come back to you rested and full and ready to help you be well, healthy, and whole.

Remember: You can do anything. ANYTHING.


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