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Three ways to save your forearms

One area that is tight on almost all of us is our forearms. Maybe you wonder why, and maybe you wonder what you can do about it. Never fear, this week’s blog is here!

Your forearms get tight because, simply put, you use them all the time. The muscles in your forearm move the muscles in your hands and fingers, which you use every day for all sorts of things. The muscles on the palm side of your forearm flex your fingers — in other words, they draw your fingers inward toward your palm — and the muscles on the other side of your forearm create the opposite action, extending your hands and fingers toward the other side of your arm. You also have muscles that move your hand from side to side, and that move your fingers from side to side. All these muscles come up through your forearm and attach at points on the inside and outside of your elbow. These muscles, like any muscles, grow the more they work.

Massage is, of course, a great way to relieve tension in your forearms, and I’m happy to help you with that at any time. However, you can also create some change in your forearms yourself.

One thing you can do is roll a golf ball along the muscles of your forearm, especially on those flexors on the palm side of your forearm. The pressure of the golf ball does a good job of digging deep into those flexors and loosening them up.

Another trick for creating relief in your forearms is to strengthen your extensors, the muscles on the other side of your arm. You can do this by wrapping a tight rubber band (like the ones you get with asparagus or broccoli) around your fingers and stretching them. The rubber band creates resistance, which creates a contraction for your extensor muscles.

On Friday, we’ll be publishing a video demonstrating another massage technique. Stay tuned!

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