• Robin

On awe.

What grounds you? What do you do to sense your place in the world we inhabit?

Do you speak to God when she whispers to you from the trees?

Do you feel surrounded by the spirits of your loved ones on the other side of the veil when you are sad, or happy, or facing a big decision?

Do you listen to the voice still and small, the one that speaks to you when everything is quiet in the first light of the morning, and know it to come from outside you?

Or, perhaps, is there something else that strikes awe in you and humbles you, brings you to your knees, makes you think about the larger implications of what we’re here for and what this all means?

Does any of this ever happen for you?

If you’ve never taken a moment to contemplate the larger frame of your existence, if nothing has ever given you that feeling of delirious smallness that comes from standing at the bottom of a valley or in the middle of a prairie or at the edge where the ocean says hello to the shore, I encourage you to give it a try.

What strikes awe in you? Get out of traffic and find it. Maybe you find it in the crisp mountain air. Maybe it’s in church. Maybe it’s in the eyes of your child or your spouse or partner.

Find your awe. That’s your homework for this week.

Be well, healthy and whole,


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