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Ajna: It's all about intuition.

This week’s chakra is ajna – the third eye. This is where you learn to trust your intuition. This is where you find the clarity and guidance to trust yourself. Is this a struggle for you?

Perhaps you’re involved in a struggle (and maybe this struggle is with yourself) that keeps you awake at night. Does this sound familiar?

The third eye chakra – located between and slightly above the eyebrows – is associated with all these things. Physiologically, it’s associated with the pineal gland, which governs sleep through its release of melatonin, the “sleep hormone.”

Ajna is commonly associated with the concept of enlightenment, which is really just an ability to listen deeply to your intuition.

Here’s the thing: The answers are all inside you.

What a thought. But if you listen carefully, in the quiet, you’ll find all the answers there.

Meditation is one wonderful way to strengthen your third eye. If you’d like help with this, or if you’d like to try Reiki healing as a way to strengthen your intuition and clarity, give me a call or text at 720-432-8664 or email to schedule an appointment or free 30-minute consultation. I look forward to walking with you on your journey.

Be well, healthy and whole!


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