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Speaking your truth. It's the bravest thing you can do.

Oh, mercy, mercy, mercy. Today we are talking about speaking your truth. That’s a hard one, isn’t it?

Have you ever had to say something that was really hard for you to say, and you felt this strangled feeling in your throat? Like your voice suddenly felt very small and funny and like everything in your body conspired to keep it in? Did you ever give way to that feeling and keep it in?

Or is it just me? (I doubt it’s just me.)

Your throat chakra, or vishuddha, is the bridge between the heart (which we talked about last week) and the head. When we talk about that body-mind connection, well, this literally is that body-mind connection. Physically, it lies in the throat and is associated with the thyroid, so dysfunction here will manifest in sluggish hormonal activity, digestion, and metabolism. The throat chakra also can be affected by colds and respiratory infections — think of all the lymph nodes that lie in the neck.

So how can we open this chakra? How can we get you to a point where you can speak your truth? Reiki is a wonderful way to open this chakra. Trauma Touch Therapy also can help you improve your body-mind connection. Call/text me at 720-432-8664 or email to schedule a free consultation or book a session. I’d love to help you. Speaking your truth is tough, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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