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The most important muscle you don't know

There may come a time, in the course of a massage, where I might recommend going a little deeper into your abdomen to try to alleviate some of your back pain. Let’s talk about when this work might be a good idea.

The muscle we’re talking about is called the psoas (silent “p,” hence the hilarious meme above). When we think about core strength, we might think about our glutes and our “abs” – the glamour muscles (think six-pack) that stabilize the body on the front and help pull our chest to our knees. The psoas lies deep to these, and it’s your silent warrior. It’s the most important muscle you’ve never heard of. Why? Because its major responsibility is to flex your hip. In other words, it’s the muscle that’s most responsible for propelling your leg out in front of you. You do this thousands of times a day, and this muscle deep in your abdomen is the one most responsible for it.

When the psoas becomes tight as a result of cramping, overwork or under-stretching, you will experience low back issues and general body imbalance. Runners and cyclists, in particular, could really benefit from psoas work to correct the postural unevenness that comes from this muscle rigidity. If you are feeling low back pain that doesn’t seem to be going away, schedule a free consultation with me to find out whether massage might be a good fit.

Be well, healthy and whole! Robin

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