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Surgery recovery made easier

It seems as if I know a lot of people right now who either are getting ready to go under the knife or who have recently done so. Is this you? Do you fall into this category? Maybe you are looking at a long recovery and want to pursue some natural alternatives to narcotics as pain relief. Maybe you’re concerned about scarring (in which case, I refer you to If you’ve recently experienced a surgery, however, massage might not be appropriate for a number of reasons. There is another solution: Reiki.

Reiki is a form of energy work that I’ve discussed in a previous article ( One of my favorite applications for it, however, is pre- and post-surgery. Surgery produces not only pain but a lot of anxiety, which creates a cycle of ill health in the body. Blood pressure goes up, and sometimes, you physically feel “frozen” – you don’t want to get up and move, you don’t want to engage in healthy practices such as eating well (“comfort foods” are rarely healthy). Perhaps you drink too much alcohol as a way to numb this anxiety or pain.

Reiki helps break this cycle. Consider a chakra balancing to clear your mind and heart and promote more holistic health – truly, integrating your body, your mind and your spirit.

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