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Three topical concoctions you can't live without

Sometimes, in the course of a massage, I might (with the client’s consent) use something other than massage lotion to create different outcomes for muscle tissue. This might happen if a client comes in with a particularly sore muscle or joint and is looking for extra pain relief. The creams I’m about to describe are three of my favorites. I use them on myself, not just on clients.

*Arnicare Gel. I can’t stress how much I love this stuff. I use it on my own hands and forearms after a long day. It’s a gel, as the name says, and not a cream – so it doesn’t have a greasy feel. The “con” of using a gel is that, as it dries, it can feel a little tacky. The pain relief, though, is exquisite.

*Tiger Balm. This has a strong, camphor-like smell, but don’t let that turn you off. Tiger Balm sinks into the skin and relieves the pain of inflammation quickly and powerfully. This is great for use on tight lower backs, which is where I tend to use it myself.

*Biofreeze. I’d put this in the same category as Tiger Balm – great for quickly nipping irritated nerve endings. It’s also great for low backs or any joint pain at elbows or knees. It has an “icy-hot” feel and a minty smell.

What are your favorite topical creams for inflammation? Let me know!

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