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Massaging your scars away

One thing that might surprise you is that massage is an effective technique to reduce scar tissue!

If you’ve experienced scarring that goes deep – where you can feel scar tissue under the surface of the skin – a massage therapist can help break up some of that scar tissue. It’s more than a matter of cosmetics and appearance. This tissue can be uncomfortable and life-limiting.

Know, however, that this massage can be very deep work. If this scarring is the result of surgery, and depending on the time elapsed since surgery, a doctor might need to sign off on your receiving massage for scar-tissue reduction. I would want to talk with you about your scarring before your appointment so I could make sure this would be an appropriate therapy for you.

Another thing you should know is that this work can be uncomfortable in and of itself. It involves releasing the spots where scar tissue adheres to connective tissue. Scar tissue develops in an effort to protect wounds, which means it’s strong and full of collagen (the tough, springy stuff that helps comprise your skin), and it will take repeated sessions to break up.

Now that we’ve gotten through the potential negatives, it’s also important to add that this can be transforming. People with profound scarring who thought they wouldn’t be able to receive the benefits of massage may find that they actually can. They can experience reductions in pain and tightness in these scarred areas. It’s wonderful, beautiful work.

Be well, healthy, and whole!


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