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When the way to your back is through your ... armpit.

Every massage is different. Depending on the set of circumstances you and your body bring to the table, we might work on different areas, or we might work on the same areas differently. Every once in a while – stay with me, here – we need to do a little bit of massage in your armpit.

I can hear you now: “Uh, what? That’s kind of weird.”

It’s not, though, I promise. There’s a muscle that lives under your shoulder blade (or scapula, in anatomical terms) called subscapularis. This muscle is responsible, among other things, for rotating your shoulders forward.

Now, think about that shoulder pain you’ve been feeling. Think about how you’re sitting at your computer, or how you hold your phone when you look down texting. Also, if you fall forward and break your fall with your hands, chances are you’ve strained your subscapularis by using it to support your body weight and keep you from doing a face plant.

I’ll be honest: This work can be uncomfortable. If you come in for a relaxing massage, I won’t work on your armpit. If this work would benefit you, we’ll talk about it first. You always get a say about what happens with your body. People who have experienced this work, though, say it’s life-changing. It’s an oft-overlooked muscle that, when released, gives you back some range of motion in your shoulder and can help alleviate pain that’s been tenacious. If this sounds like you, give me a call at 720-432-8664.

Be well, healthy, and whole!

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