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"Why does my butt hurt?"

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of getting their gluteals massaged. You know – gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. In other words: your butt. I can relate. The first time a massage therapist asked whether I wanted my gluteals worked, I was nervous. But: Once she started, I didn’t want her to stop! It’s a muscular and oft-overlooked part of the body that, as part of the core, drives more of your movement than you might realize.

The gluteal muscles are responsible for a number of movements, the main one being extension of the hip. That means bringing your leg backward at the hip from the floor. You do this every time you walk or run. The glutes really get a workout with stair-climbing and squats – so if you have steps in your house, you’re giving your glutes a challenge every time you go up.

Because these muscles literally carry so much of your load from day to day, and because they are notoriously hard to stretch, they get tight and can cause you problems with your low back and your gait (the way you walk and run). Massage lengthens your glutes as well as your piriformis.

. When your muscles are longer, they have more room to grow and perform. They hurt less, they feel better – and YOU feel better!

Be well, healthy, and whole! Robin

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