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Start Where You Are

Many of you know that I spend a lot of my time providing massage to children and adults with special needs. I love what I do. I love my clients and have formed a strong bond with them, and with their families. It’s valuable work.

This massage can look very different from what most people associate with massage. Depending on the age and abilities of the client, there might not be a table. Clients frequently are clothed through the session. One of the things I love is that I get to see the same people each week, so we can really form a treatment plan with goals. Because many of my clients have autism and difficulties with sensory processing, some of our goals are just to be able to be touched or held on certain areas. Some of my clients have cerebral palsy, so we are working to increase body awareness and provide relief to perpetually tight or weak areas of their bodies, and to increase their ability to move their limbs fully.

I have learned that flexibility is the most important asset I can bring to this form of massage. I get to think on my feet a lot, which is fun for me. Some sessions are more successful than others; it’s all about progress, not perfection. I have learned that I have to meet my clients where they are, which is a great life lesson for all of us, don’t you think?

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