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Why infant massage is magical

One of my specialties – in addition to Reiki, deep tissue massage, and massage for mental health disorders – is infant massage. I love being able to teach new parents how to use this technique to promote better bonding, more calm, and better digestion for their babies!

Do a quick Google search for “infants and touch,” and you will see a plethora of articles supporting the need for infants to receive physical contact. Infant massage releases chemicals in the body for both baby and mother that facilitate their strong bond. That’s why, although certainly I could massage infants myself, I prefer to teach parents how to do this themselves.

Babies calm down much for the same reasons adults do (you can see my blog article for more on this). That calm helps babies sleep better, which promotes growth and brain development – and helps parents, too!

Finally, there are some infant massage techniques that can help babies process their food better and promote gastric motility (the movement of food through the digestive system). If gas is a problem for your baby, learn a few of these techniques.

My next infant massage class is coming up in September – email me at to sign up for updates.

Be well, healthy, and whole!


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