You are special and precious. How do you honor yourself?

As I write this, I am preparing to be off for the longest time I’ve ever been off. We have a lot of travel planned for this summer, and I won’t lie: I am nervous. I am a little anxious. And I am also vibrate-out-of-my-body excited. I love travel. I live for it. I like having a home base, but I also like spreading my wings and seeing the world. When I check in with my body, I can tell that what I’m feeling is, mostly, unadulterated excitement. In other words: I am doing something that’s good for me. And that means I am practicing good self-care. Self-care is, of course, part of what I hope to impart to all of my clients. Whether you see me for massage, Reiki, sound healing, or Trauma Touch Th

What do you and a MLB pitcher have in common?

When I sat down to write this, my first thought for an introduction was to say, “Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a rotator cuff problem.” That’s bad. Really bad. You should be so glad I (kind of) rethought that intro. There’s no raising your hand if your rotator cuff is not working properly. The rotator cuff is not one unit but, rather, a collection of four muscles that envelops your scapula and creates the motions that help you roll your shoulder forward and out. You hear of baseball pitchers “blowing out their rotator cuff,” right? Think of the motion they do, and the amount of repetition those muscles create. That rotation at the glenohumeral joint (the anatomical name for the shoulder


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