The most important muscle you don't know

There may come a time, in the course of a massage, where I might recommend going a little deeper into your abdomen to try to alleviate some of your back pain. Let’s talk about when this work might be a good idea. The muscle we’re talking about is called the psoas (silent “p,” hence the hilarious meme above). When we think about core strength, we might think about our glutes and our “abs” – the glamour muscles (think six-pack) that stabilize the body on the front and help pull our chest to our knees. The psoas lies deep to these, and it’s your silent warrior. It’s the most important muscle you’ve never heard of. Why? Because its major responsibility is to flex your hip. In other words, it’s t

Would you like to beat your bugs?

We’re heading into a time of year when all sorts of viruses (also known commonly as “bugs” or “cooties”) are beginning to float around. Did you know that massage can be one of the tools in your toolkit to fight illnesses? It’s true! One of the wonderful side effects of massage is that it stimulates your lymph system, which is one of your body’s primary ways to fight infection (either from bacteria or viruses). Your lymphatic system consists of : lymph nodes – the collection points for lymph, kind of like a train switchyard; lymph vessels, much like blood vessels; and lymph, a clear-ish fluid filled with disease-fighting agents. Have you ever had a cut or abrasion where you could see yellowis

Your sleep is sacred!

It’s the time of year when we naturally start worrying. Whether it’s upcoming holiday stressors, financial matters in our homes and businesses, beginning to take personal stock of the year, or just the usual family-house-work matters that always prey upon us, it seems like these are the months where anxiety and worry begin to set in. Combine that with the changes in light and changes in time, and you have a recipe for getting less sleep! Fortunately, massage is a great solution for helping you get a little extra snooze time in. Massage naturally raises your levels of serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone. This is why massage is so effective for reducing pain. At the same time, your levels of co

Massage and Autism

As you might know, a significant portion of my clientele consists of children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. This part of my work is one of the joys of my life. My clients are complex, and they are funny, and they are sweet; and frequently, I get to see them be brave and do things that scare them or that they don’t want to do. They – and their families – are more like extended family to me than clients. Sometimes, people who aren’t involved with the sessions are curious about what I do and how it might differ from “typical” massage. Of course, every massage is different. Our bodies change all the time. How I work with you one day might not be the way I work with

Surgery recovery made easier

It seems as if I know a lot of people right now who either are getting ready to go under the knife or who have recently done so. Is this you? Do you fall into this category? Maybe you are looking at a long recovery and want to pursue some natural alternatives to narcotics as pain relief. Maybe you’re concerned about scarring (in which case, I refer you to If you’ve recently experienced a surgery, however, massage might not be appropriate for a number of reasons. There is another solution: Reiki. Reiki is a form of energy work that I’ve discussed in a previous article (


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