Three topical concoctions you can't live without

Sometimes, in the course of a massage, I might (with the client’s consent) use something other than massage lotion to create different outcomes for muscle tissue. This might happen if a client comes in with a particularly sore muscle or joint and is looking for extra pain relief. The creams I’m about to describe are three of my favorites. I use them on myself, not just on clients. *Arnicare Gel. I can’t stress how much I love this stuff. I use it on my own hands and forearms after a long day. It’s a gel, as the name says, and not a cream – so it doesn’t have a greasy feel. The “con” of using a gel is that, as it dries, it can feel a little tacky. The pain relief, though, is exquisite. *Tiger

Suboccipitals: A big headache

Often, when I’m giving a massage, I like to end with a hold at the base of the skull. This is nothing fancy – I let the weight of my client’s head guide where I put my fingers, and I let them rest there for a minute. For most people, this feels absolutely dreamy. That’s one reason why I do it. And the reason why this feels dreamy is because there are four small muscles at the base of the skull that work hard and have a hard time stretching. It’s still massage! These muscles are, as a group, called the suboccipitals. Because I’m a word nerd, I am going to break this big Latin word up for you: *”sub” means “below”; * the occiput is the cranial bone that lies where your spine connects to it; an

Free yourself from trauma

For years, I stayed locked in a prison of my own creation. I built the prison out of faulty communication and assumptions about the future that were based in traumas from the past that I carried with me. Those assumptions were so powerful. Literally, I built pathways in my brain that took me to the same conclusions every time. I didn’t learn from my past, so I was doomed to repeat it. My prison kept me safe. It kept me from perceived harm. What is unfortunate is that it also kept me from experiencing the fullness of life. It kept me from savoring joy. I am happy to report that I am out of prison now, and that I have been for a while, but was hard to leave those confines. I engaged in a compl

See you next week!

I’m taking this week off the blog. Why? It’s Labor Day! Go out there and enjoy yourselves! I am in the middle of a training, and next week I will tell you all about my new skills and how they might help you. Enjoy your day off! Be well, healthy, and whole! Robin


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