Massaging your scars away

One thing that might surprise you is that massage is an effective technique to reduce scar tissue! If you’ve experienced scarring that goes deep – where you can feel scar tissue under the surface of the skin – a massage therapist can help break up some of that scar tissue. It’s more than a matter of cosmetics and appearance. This tissue can be uncomfortable and life-limiting. Know, however, that this massage can be very deep work. If this scarring is the result of surgery, and depending on the time elapsed since surgery, a doctor might need to sign off on your receiving massage for scar-tissue reduction. I would want to talk with you about your scarring before your appointment so I could mak

Plantar fasciitis: Treat your feet!

This is a modified version of the talk I gave at the Walk With a Doc event this past Saturday. Let’s break down the term. “Plantar” refers to the bottom side of your foot, aka the sole. –itis is a term that means “inflammation.” All “-itis”es are inflammation of some sort. “Fascia” is the term for connective tissue. Your body is filled with fascia! So plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the connective tissue at the bottom of your foot. This inflammation comes, usually, from small tears that form in the fascia due to use of your feet. You use your feet all the time, so it’s no wonder that sometimes, these tears form and eventually become inflamed. Because there’s a point of connection at the

When the way to your back is through your ... armpit.

Every massage is different. Depending on the set of circumstances you and your body bring to the table, we might work on different areas, or we might work on the same areas differently. Every once in a while – stay with me, here – we need to do a little bit of massage in your armpit. I can hear you now: “Uh, what? That’s kind of weird.” It’s not, though, I promise. There’s a muscle that lives under your shoulder blade (or scapula, in anatomical terms) called subscapularis. This muscle is responsible, among other things, for rotating your shoulders forward. Now, think about that shoulder pain you’ve been feeling. Think about how you’re sitting at your computer, or how you hold your phone when

Cortisol: Know Your Facts!

Last week, we discussed the fight-flight-freeze syndrome – why it exists, and how trauma and stress can become stuck in the body. One hormone that starts this chain reaction is cortisol. Let’s talk a little more about cortisol, and how massage and Reiki can help you manage your cortisol levels. Cortisol is released from your adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys. Nearly every cell in your body contains a cortisol receptor. That means that cortisol can have an effect on nearly every one of your body’s functions. It helps regulate blood sugar and metabolism, it helps reduce inflammation, and it helps regulate the salt-water balance, among other functions. Frequently, we associate co


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